Dietician Services

Dietician Services

Our registered dietitians are experts in nutrition and how it relates to your overall health. They assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems. They can provide you with:

  • Advice on what to eat to optimize your health
  • Help you understand your individual needs and challenges
  • Assistance in designing lifestyle changes to meet those needs

Who can benefit from Dietitian Services

Registered dietitians work with anyone needing to improve their diet for health related reasons. Those can include patients:

  • Struggling to lose weight
  • Living with a chronic illness
  • Diagnosed with cardiovascular disease
  • Managing diabetes

Howard County Medical Center has an accredited diabetes self management education program with two certified diabetes care and education specialist on staff.

How to receive services

Your primary care provider can refer you for a consultation with one of our registered dietitians. Reimbursement is available from some insurance providers.


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